Friday, 12 July 2013

Business, tourism and interesting sites

The city is an important business center that attracts thousands of visitors. Several fairs and expositions are done at the 2 pavilions located in the city.

The occupancy rates of the hotels are high throughout the year. A diversity of hotels are offered including Accor Hotels (Ibis São José, Ibis Colinas, Mercury, Novotel and Space Valley Parthernon Flat), Caesar Business, Blue Tree Towers, Shelton Inn, Urupema, Carlton Plaza, Intervale Othon, Comfort Inn and Di Giulio. The following sites attract visitors:

Augusto Ruschi Biological Reserve Banhado Burle Marx Municipal Park with the Olivo Gomes residence CTA and MAB (Brazilian Aerospace Memorial) Embraer Espaço Mário Covas (former City Council seat) INPE - (National Institute for Space Research) Old Cathedral Medieval Village Municipal Market Municipal Public Library (former Theatro São José) Nossa Senhora Aparecida Chapel São Francisco Xavier São Benedito Church Sanatorium Vicentina Aranha Santos Dumont Park (total area: 46.347 m²)

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