Friday, 12 July 2013



AM Radio Frequency (kHz) Name Format 750 Piratininga AM country 1120 Bandeirantes n/a FM Radio Frequency (MHz) Name Format 90.1 RD 90 country, pop music 90.3 Rádio Planeta pop music, country, news 94.3 Jovem Pan pop music, news 97.5 Nativa FM country, news 99.7 Piratininga FM (Rede Aleluia) gospel 102.9 Band Vale news, classic rock, mpb 103.9 Stereo Vale pop music, news 105.9 Logos FM gospel


Founded on January 2, 1952, ValeParaibano is the most important daily newspaper in São José dos Campos. The reported circulation data were around 20,000 on weekdays and 30,000 on Sundays in 2002.

Television Stations

2 local television stations (Band Vale and TV Vanguarda)

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